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Using his new found fame Zyzz was able to successfully market a range of body building supplements and published a book “Zyzz’s Bodybuilding Bible”. All that while still studying business at university. In mid 2011 he began filming a reality show, “National Road Trip”. Various Australian celebrities traveled the country visiting famous landmarks. He received frequent mentions on bodybuilding news sites, including an interview with simply shredded. By all accounts it seemed the way was clear for Zyzz to make his mark on the sport of bodybuilding.

Are you guys serious in calling Zyzz a bodybuilder?!?! Are you joking?!?! The best he was was as a fitness model. Him and that Frank Yang (whom I’ve never heard of at all) I’ve never heard of up until recently so I’m not sure where you guys get the idea that they are bodybuilders?!? Besides being thin and defined doesn’t make you a bodybuilder especially a pro one. I would venture to say that Terry Crews, Sylvester Stallone or Dwayne Johnson had more influence on getting people back into the gym than these guys. If Zyzz was an influence in Australia that’s great but he really was never classified as a bodybuilder. This Russian guy really shouldn’t be on the list either. When the statement was made “the-7-greatest-bodybuilders-of-our-generation” you really should qualify that with actual bodybuilders, not no-name individuals that look impressive but have not won anything. To consider these guys in the same class as a Kai or Phil is truly an insult and obviously the author of the article does not follow the sport.

Zyzz steroids dead

zyzz steroids dead


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