Subacromial impingement steroid injection

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When the non-injured arm is at your side, there is about 6 to 14 mm of space in the subacromial space (the space between acromion and humerus).  As one moves their arm out to the side (abduction), the space in the subacromial space decreases.  With some people the humerus and acromion end up pinching the structures in the subacromial space.  The structures that could be pinching are the bursa, supraspinatus tendon or long head of the biceps tendon.  This pinching is called shoulder impingement.  Shoulder impingement is a big problem and commonly seen in my clients.  If shoulder impingement is not addressed it could lead to a partial or full tear of the rotator cuff.

Subacromial impingement steroid injection

subacromial impingement steroid injection


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