Steroids for cats with arthritis

Hi , I have a Devon Rex who had terrible allergies and would pull her fur out and lick herself raw. We tried changing her diet, washing her with medicated shampoo, applying creams – all to no avail. Eventually I was referred to a veterinarian dermatologist who did some tests, she turned out to have several allergies and they recommended that she get a course of vaccine shots to reduce her allergies (individually tailored for her to result in desensitisation over a period of time) rather than relying on prednisone which has long term consequences. As a result my kitty has grown back her fur, she no longer pulls fur out or licks her skin raw. She seems calmer and happier in herself.
This treatment requires a shot every 2 weeks but is quick and easy without the side effects of prednisone- maybe this would be something to explore for your situation?
It has made the world of difference for my kitty after 5 long years of suffering she is getting such relief.
Good luck.

My 10 year old cat was diagnosed with arthritis last month when she became very ill with an infection. She has been on a course of Loxicom (meloxicam) for a while with no noticeable side effects. My vet advised me of Pentosan injections at the time of diagnosis. We’re halfway through the initial course of injections and hopefully she can come off Loxicom for good in a few days due to the risk of toxicity. Pentosan has helped her a lot so far; she now runs around and is able to jump with no issues. At the moment Pentosan isn’t authorised for use in cats although hopefully it will be soon. It’s doing wonders for my furbaby.

Steroids for cats with arthritis

steroids for cats with arthritis


steroids for cats with arthritissteroids for cats with arthritissteroids for cats with arthritissteroids for cats with arthritissteroids for cats with arthritis