Steroid cream rash

Hello, I am going through something similar right now and wanted to see your photos. On my first visit to a doctor I was told I have an allergy. The rush on my back flares up and then calms down during a day. It doesn't itch at night though, mostly mornings and during day time. I have it since April and it is slowly spreading. Now, on top of that I have bites like marks all over my body close to a hundred now and they are very itchy. I have not seen any insects anywhere. Itch keeps me awake. Seems like 2 different kinds of rushes. I am using lavender oil when it is itching, but am afraid I will soon develop an allergy, since it has very strong smell. I am out of my mind from it.

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Steroid cream rash

steroid cream rash


steroid cream rashsteroid cream rashsteroid cream rashsteroid cream rashsteroid cream rash