Steroid cream for sun rash

Fluorouracil wraps, also known as chemowraps, are an in-office occlusive treatment for extensive field treatment for actinic keratoses and intraepidermal carcinomas . They are most often used to treat severely sun damaged lower legs. After cleansing the area to be treated, a thick coat of fluorouracil cream is applied to scaly lesions and surrounding skin, often circumferentially around the limb. About 10 to 20 g of 5-FU is used for each limb. Paraffin gauze is applied over the fluorouracil cream to areas of movement (eg ankle) as protection. The limb is then carefully bandaged using loose layers of zinc oxide (to improve healing and reduce pain), cotton conforming bandage and crepe or self-adherent roll for compression .

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Steroid cream for sun rash

steroid cream for sun rash


steroid cream for sun rashsteroid cream for sun rashsteroid cream for sun rashsteroid cream for sun rashsteroid cream for sun rash