Results after taking steroids

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As always your posts are an incredible source of information and I’m such a fan of Hot & Flashy and all that you do!!! Thank You!!! Just wanted to let you know after many years of using Retin A, I have concluded I do better with the “Gel” version. It tends to be a little more irritating at first, but then levels out. The cream tended to contribute to milia. You seem to have sensitive skin as do I, so it takes a little getting used to, but in the end, I do prefer it. I have an Rx for both Cream & Gel in the , and I tend to use all Gel on my face, Cream on my chest. Have you tried the Gel version?

Results after taking steroids

results after taking steroids


results after taking steroidsresults after taking steroidsresults after taking steroidsresults after taking steroidsresults after taking steroids