Protein hormones vs steroid hormones

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Meat vs Vegeprotein.
I had been a vegetarian for years before finally visiting India, the land of the vegetarians. I was shocked to see a thin hollow vacant-eyed folk, except for the obvious upper classes who were fat. I travelled from the Himalayas all the way down to the south. The only slightly healthier Indians were those in areas where milk was available.
Then I arrived in Goa! It is a state where the Indians are Christians and eat primarily hogs and fish. Using the outdoor toilets, I was surprised to discover that these were open on the bottom! With every plop of poop, I would hear boars grunting and eating up my sausage as it dropped.
The look of the Goans was astounding: muscular, not skinny, and with glowing faces. That vacant-eyed look was non-existant in Goa.
It took some time ruminating to put 2 & 2 together: perhaps it was their diet? Meanwhile, I had developed a thin build but with hollow cheeks, similar to the vege Indians.
Now I have added fish to my diet, but too late to correct my hollow cheeks. Can anyone recommend a good cosmetic proceedure for my cheeks?

One of the many reasons I recommend that people get their protein from meat, seafood, or eggs, as opposed to whey protein supplements, is that I consider these foods to have a superior nutrient profile. Protein-rich whole foods have a lower protein density than whey protein powders, but contrary to what some people think, this is probably a good thing, at least from a health standpoint (As pointed out throughout this article). Moreover, if you eat fish, grass-fed meat, and eggs, you’re getting important nutrient (., essential fatty acids) that you don’t get from whey protein supplements.

Protein hormones vs steroid hormones

protein hormones vs steroid hormones


protein hormones vs steroid hormonesprotein hormones vs steroid hormonesprotein hormones vs steroid hormonesprotein hormones vs steroid hormonesprotein hormones vs steroid hormones