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“I was pregnant with twins last year and at 15 weeks my son, Evan’s water sac ruptured. I was hospitalized on antibiotics and given steroid injections. I was on strict bed rest until 30 weeks, when they had to deliver the babies due to an infection. My son Evan had to stay in the NICU until he was 3 months old. His twin sister came home at 2 months old and she is very healthy. Evan is a great baby and brings a smile, but he still has his challenges. He has hypoplastic lung syndrome, GI Reflux disease and has problems hearing. My twins both came home and I count my blessings that they turned out okay.”

I was hoping to see a post from you this morning and I’m anxious to know how you are feeling. BNOP was the first blog I ever started reading several years ago so I feel like I know you. I am so sorry you had to go through being so sick while traveling. I know you love travel and love your independence but I really think it would be much better if you could develop a travel companion. Being as sick as you were, it’s hard to made decisions for yourself & a companion could help. I really think you should have been transported to a hospital instead of the ship bringing a doctor in. Worried about you and hoping you are doing better and if you aren’t home that you will be soon.

Naps steroids

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