Lymphoma biopsy steroids

January 9, 2009 – Early in the morning, I go to Emory Johns Creek Hospital to get the CT scan.  It is uneventful, as radiology appointments typically are, and I go home.  We are having a houseful of people that night for a neighborhood party and there is a lot to do.  Two hours later, a nurse calls from Dr. Gupta’s office and says he would like me to come in as soon as possible so he can discuss the CT results with me.  I am annoyed by this, but still mindful that if a doctor wants to talk “right away,” then I should probably go.

Numerous chemotherapy and biological drug combinations may be prescribed by an oncologist. Which type and combination of therapy depends on many factors, including the type and stage of lymphoma, the age of the patient, the ability to tolerate chemotherapy side effects, and if any previous treatment for the lymphoma has occurred. Oncologists often work together regionally to decide which combination of chemotherapy and biological drugs are currently working best for their patients. Because of this regional collaboration, the drug combinations often vary and are able to change rapidly when improved results occur.

Lymphoma biopsy steroids

lymphoma biopsy steroids


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