List of natural anabolics

Superdrol is a decent anabolic steroid, but we would not call it superior or even “Super” as its marketing campaign once implied. What truly makes this steroid special was a group of men who recognized a hole in the steroid law and were able to capitalize on it, and in turn, make a nice profit. Due to the marketing and ease of purchase that existed for a long time, many athletes fell in love with this steroid, and it is a fine steroid, but there’s nothing magical or superior going on. Superdrol is a very basic anabolic steroid.

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One study appeared to show that gw 50156 side effects included the growth of cancer cells but on further inspection, the results could be considered misleading. The study of gw1516 which was carried out on mice included 1000 times the recommended dose, taken over a prolonged period of time. As no individual would be taking such an inflated level of gw501516, there is debatable value attached to this particular study. Nevertheless, despite the criticism of this study, it was sufficient for GSK to drop the project so shouldn’t be dismissed completely.

List of natural anabolics

list of natural anabolics


list of natural anabolicslist of natural anabolicslist of natural anabolicslist of natural anabolicslist of natural anabolics