Kali musli steroid use

It is a perennial shrub having short or elongated fleshy roots. Leaves are 6 to 18 inch in length and ½ to 1 ½ inch broad. It is speared shaped and bears stripes on it. The apex of the leaves is rooting. Flowers present the racemes presentation that is 1 inch in length. Flowers are ½ to 2/3 inch in diameter, shiny and are just above the ground. Fruit is ½ inch in length, capsulated, ovate in shape, sharp at the apex and contains 1 to 4 seeds in it. Seeds are shiny, oblong in shape, 1/8 inch long, striped and sharp at the apex and base. Rhizome is 1 feet in length and is pulpy. The plant flowers in summers.

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Kali musli steroid use

kali musli steroid use