Homebrew oral steroids recipes

To each their own. Now, with that said:
The meat and dairy are not the 'evils' that everyone touts. It is what is allowed to be (and almost forced on farmers to be) done to the animals. The animals (and most crops) are chuck-full-o' all kinds of antibiotics, steroids, hormones, and other chemicals. Those of course are in the parts we eat and any product that comes from them. Try for a month to eat organic foods mostly (especially meat and dairy) and see how you feel after that. The difference is amazing. OH and everyone that goes on about 'it so much more expensive'; that it may be, but the taste and nutrients that you get have been compared at: 1 organic apple = 3-5 conventionally grown apples in nutrients. The meat? Take a 1/4 lb of each and make a patty/burger. Cook them the same way. You will see that the organic hardly shrinks while the other will shrink 1/3 - 1/2 its size. Then try the flavor and you will be sold. So, you are actually getting more of you money worth by going this way.
If you feel good living as a vegan then good for you. If you want to be healthier but like your meat, then I suggest giving this a try. After all you filter your water; why not try the equivalient to your food by taking out the poisons/chemicals/etc?

Homebrew oral steroids recipes

homebrew oral steroids recipes


homebrew oral steroids recipeshomebrew oral steroids recipeshomebrew oral steroids recipeshomebrew oral steroids recipeshomebrew oral steroids recipes