Hcg steroid dose

You see every test booster has a limit eventually the brain figures out that it feels you have sufficient testosterone levels for your body and that level could be anywhere from average to medium/high but this is where res100 comes into play it modulates the signal the hypothalamus is receiving telling your brain you need more testosterone even when you don’t, if it sounds to good to be true well there is a limit to it, in that you can only get your test levels to go about 40% above the maximum lab range but 40% is quite a large amount considering most guys have a testosterone level of around 20nmol/L, 40% above maximum is 45nmol/L more than double what most males produce.

For instance, a 200 IU HCG dose would require only mL of solution, which is marked as 10 IU on the insulin syringe. When it comes to un-reconstituted vials of HCG, we strongly recommend you to store them either in freezer or in your fridge. The truth is that pharmaceutical companies’ ship HCG vials at room temperature, but you should immediately put them in your fridge once you get them. If you accidentally forget to put your HCG vials in fridge and leave them at room temperature for one day, you don’t need to worry as that won’t affect the quality of your HCG vials.

The only reason high HCG doses should ever be used is when the peptide’s used as a fertility aide, specifically ovarian stimulation. In such cases, HCG doses will be 5,000-10,000iu at a very specific point during the menstrual cycle. No anabolic steroid user will ever have a need to take their HCG doses this high. Then we have testosterone replacement therapy ( TRT ) and HCG is sometimes used for TRT; sometimes as part of a plan and sometimes representing the brunt of the plan. There are two generalized HCG TRT plans (direct TRT); however, they are rapidly losing popularity as direct TRT is far more efficient when exogenous testosterone is used. However, there are two plans, a short term and long term and they are as follows:

Hcg steroid dose

hcg steroid dose


hcg steroid dosehcg steroid dosehcg steroid dosehcg steroid dosehcg steroid dose