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The image of parents at the bedside of his son in a coma is typical of many films, but is it convenient? According to Noah Henry, the presence of the family can be a positive encouragement for people with a minimally conscious state, but useless for those who are in a state of wakefulness without response. It is also essential that family visits are organized and there are not many people at one time or talk at a time.
Too many stimuli (visual, sensory or motor) saturate the brain of these patients. “It’s like you’re going to buy at the supermarket with 40 degrees of fever and four friends. In this situation, it is able to meet so many things at once, “
Currently, for patients in minimally conscious state, there are some drugs available that can help accelerate the process of awakening.”It’s not causing the response, but the speed,” says Noah. Are dopamine agonists, such as amantadine, which is given in specialized centers, according to recently published ‘The New England Journal of Medicine, and zolpidem, a hypnotic, strangely, in healthy individuals induces hypnosis, but people in coma help to raise

EPs are recordings of the nervous system’s electrical response to the stimulation of specific sensory pathways (., visual, auditory, general sensory). In tests of evoked potentials, a person’s recorded responses are displayed on an oscilloscope and analyzed on a computer that allows comparison with normal response times. Demyelination results in a slowing of response time. EPs can demonstrate lesions along specific nerve pathways whether or not the lesions are producing symptoms, thus making this test useful in confirming the diagnosis of MS. Visual evoked potentials are considered the most useful in MS.

Esteroides para mujeres

esteroides para mujeres


esteroides para mujeresesteroides para mujeresesteroides para mujeresesteroides para mujeresesteroides para mujeres