Do pro athletes use steroids

PGA golfer Jesper Parnevik marches to his own drum, though that drum does seem out of tune a lot of times. As recapped by Sports Illustrated , Parnevik is a textbook "eccentric" who will try seemingly anything if he thinks it'll help his life or game improve. He's known to wear beeping, flashing sunglasses on airplanes, supposedly to "unite the left side of his brain with the right." For a three-month span, he ate nothing but fruit and volcanic ash, and decided it was cleansing. Another time, he removed the fillings in his teeth and replaced them with porcelain because apparently that's good for his allergies. He wears super-tight pants, so tight he can't always bend over to pick up his golf ball because "they help my swing. They restrict my hip turn."

The situation with the COX-1 inhibitor naproxen (Aleve®, and others) is even less clear. On December 21, 2004, the NIH stopped a study in Alzheimer's patients due to an excessive rate of heart attacks and strokes in patients taking naproxen, a drug that has been used in the US since 1976. How these new data affect the use of NSAIDs in athletes is uncertain. Athletes and others who exercise regularly would seem to be at less risk due to the beneficial effects of exercise on the bloodstream (Rauramaa R, et al. 1986), however, this is pure speculation at this time.

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Do pro athletes use steroids

do pro athletes use steroids


do pro athletes use steroidsdo pro athletes use steroidsdo pro athletes use steroidsdo pro athletes use steroidsdo pro athletes use steroids