Buff guys steroids

Oh good god why is this even a question? Of course he is on steroids or HGH, as is every other hot Hollywood actor who has to appear shirtless on film. And it's been this way for the last decade. Don't believe the nonsense these narcissists spout about their trainer kicking their ass every day and changing their diet. That could be true but they ALWAYS leave out the part about the needle in their ass a coupla times a week. I work in Hollywood. I know. And as a poster upthread said, steroids are common in gyms across the country and used by the majority of guys with unusually beautiful bodies.

If you can’t help it – consider getting some home gym equipment like I did. It’s very comfortable (feels like meditation time, working out alone) and isn’t expensive – especially when you’re thinking long-term. Lots of people asking me how to gain weight for skinny guys like ourselves don’t realise it doesn’t take a fancy gym to get big, or actually any gym at all. Just get yourself some weights, a bar and an adequate squat-friendly bench and you’re set. (See my recommendation in the article)

It’s about becoming the most ALPHA version of yourself. For me, a 5’9 ecto-mesomorph, arms measuring 15/16 inches looks pretty damn great. On a 6’8 wrestler that obviously wouldn’t look as good. Contrary to the guy above, even steroids won’t make EVERYONE look like Arnie or Jay Cutler! But it’s relative to the individual. Eat like a lion, train like a beast, sleep like a baby and your physique will only improve. This confidence radiates like mad and attracts people to you. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people pick up on this and knowing you worked your ass off for it.

Buff guys steroids

buff guys steroids


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