Balkan pharmaceuticals winstrol cena

Ordered 2 vials Deca, Messaged and asked what oil they use...Answer: Peach oil. Never tried before, every stick bad PIP, after 7 weeks had to stop. During this time I ordered 3 vials SP Tren, received it and noticed piss yellow color, uneven and crooked labels and the labels didn't look like the ones on the Balkan site. I also noticed expire dates in 2 months. Tren labels said peach oil on them, site pics didn't indicate oil used. I contacted Balkan told them of Deca PIP and sent pics of SP Tren. Told me I should never inject in quads (never had a past issue with other labs). I asked again what oil is used? They responded with an oil I'd never heard of...Myogaoil (not sure if that's the correct spelling). I reminded them I had asked weeks before and they said reply. I was told the SP Tren labels are always uneven and crooked, that the color is because it's old stock, they said the oil is Myogaoil(?). I told them it says peach right on the Tren labels....The response was it's still okay to use. They then said they're not using this Myogoiol(?) but it's coming out soon.
I threw it all in the garbage.......Balkan, never again!

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Balkan pharmaceuticals winstrol cena

balkan pharmaceuticals winstrol cena


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